Responsibilities/Duties of a Class Representative

    • Main Role: Act as a prime official channel of communication between teacher and rest of the class, for all monitoring formalities.
    • Appraise students that mobile phone is strictly prohibited in class room, lab sessions, and tutorials/exam hall.
    • Punctuality maintained by all students for arriving in classroom (none should not be late by more than 10-15 minutes).
    • Get an undertaking from all the students that nobody will volunteer to give proxy for others, during signing of attendance. Proxies identified will be reported.
    • Should not take any matter to the teacher, which benefits only a few students, without taking permission of the entire class. ( e.g: Shifting of class hours, tutorials, exam schedule, alteration of marks distribution etc).
    • Keep a watch on the schedule for the entire semester and report/discuss with teachers for any modification required well in advance (preferably more than a month).
    • Expected to have good rapport with all students and have a cordial relation with them.
    • Identify problem cases (students not studying/interested) and report to the teacher.
    • Reporting to the teacher may be simply done by email, once in a week or two, unless some urgent matters emerge.
    • Make announcements (by email of pts. 2-4) to students at the beginning of semester and then periodic ones (tutorials, submissions, TPA, any notifications by TA or teacher in class etc.) as reminders.
    • Small issues (e.g. attendance status, tutorial marks) may be sorted out with TAs only.