Q.1 What is the advantage of Doing MBA ?

Ans. Since a vast majority of jobs in the future, in our growing economy will be generated in the service sector , which is the biggest contributor to our GDP as of today. In the Service Sector , the human factor is of paramount importance, hence there is a big demand for well groomed and trained professionals. An MBA Programme nurtures the skill sets which are highly required by the service sector.

Q.2 Should I prefer MBA over PGDM ?

Ans. YES. For two specific reasons (1) Am MBA degree makes a person easily eligible for pursuing PhD, but with PGDM many universities may have an objection. (2) When you want to go out of the country for a job , since MBA is granted by universities it makes it easier for you to apply abroad in the later case you may be required to submit a lot of additional documents and prove lot of things.

Q.3  Why should I choose BGC Campus ?

Ans. I should choose BGC Campus because situated near the plush green environment, away from the hussle and buzzle of the city. it provides a calm and serene environment conducive to learning. Also the motto of the Institute “ Enlightening Wisdom” emphasizes its belief in providing quality education and overall development of the students.

Q.4 Why should I do MBA from BGC Campus ?

Ans. I should do MBA from BGC because of the Rigor of the programme focusing on 360 degree development, One to One mentoring, Exposure to Corporate working, Practical oriented teaching, Learning by doing and much more.

Q.5 What about faculty at BGC Campus ?

Ans. The faculty team at BGC Management studies , it is a judicious blend of Corporate, Entrepreneurial and Academic experience. The major faculty members at BGC is either Doctorate or UGC-NET qualified.

Q.6 What are the key highlights of your MBA programme ?

Ans. A host of activities apart from regular classes such as Expert lectures, Group Discussions, Role Plays, Project Works, Industrial tours & visits, Internship training, Personality Development Classes, Digital Marketing workshops and much more at a highly affordable fees with free bus facility for commuting to the campus.

Q.7 What are the co-curricular activities in your MBA Programme ?

Ans. A wide range of activities such as Club activities, Newspaper activities, Certifications etc.

Club Activities : Under this there are basically 3 types of activities viz.Marketing, Finance and HR Club activities where in students prepare charts, models etc.on various topics related to areas of Marketing, Finance and Human resource management. The objective behind these activities is to make fun an integral part of learning and also to apply the concept of learning by doing.

Newspaper Activity : Under this students read various articles related to Marketing, economics, finance , general business environment which are published in business dailies like Economic Times, Financial Express & Business Standard. Such articles are discussed in the class. The faculty analyzes it and its implications are explained. One very major advantage of such activity is the enhancement in the business vocabulary of the students.

Certifications: To add spice to the programme major certifications on Word, excel, power point etc. and in the present business context,  a certification on digital marketing are regular features of our MBA programme.