Our Distinguished Alumni


BGC Students Alumni Cell is a student organization, which is runby the students of BGC. The Students Alumni Cell is completely dedicatedtowards fostering the bond between students and alumni and has acted as acommon platform for networking and interaction. With the aim of mending thebroken connections between students and alumni and with the belief that closeand continual interaction with alumni will help students gather invaluableadvice regarding overall development for taking crucial informative life-changingdecisions, BGC Alumni is established for these objectives. 

The Alumni Cell will be upgraded to the BGC Alumni Association in due course.It will also enable the alumni to give feedback to the College for furtheracademic diversification and development. It will act as a bridge between theCollege and the larger society.

About The Commitee

An Institute has itsreputation established on the achievements of its alumni, faculty and students.This is exactly the reason why BGC has the kind of reputation it possesses.Serving the nation for over 10 years as a top institute, BGC flauntsone of the richest bases of alumni network. Alumni network helps BGC toremain agile and responsive to the needs of the market through the interactionsbetween Industry and Institute.

The BGC AlumniStudent Committee strives to develop connections among alumni, currentstudents, faculty and management laying the platform for all stakeholders toshare knowledge, gain focus, improve and develop. We offer services thatstimulate interaction and maintain support mechanisms for Alumni networking.Alumni Committee facilitates continued interaction of Alumni with the Institutein interest of sustaining the Institute's ability to maintain a commitment parexcellence.

Roles &Responsibility:

·        Organizing RegionalAlumni Meet

·        Maintaining andupdating BGC alumni detail

·        Mentorship Programmein January-March

·        Organizing ‘Alumtalks’regularly                                                         

·        Updating variousevents organized in BGC on Social Media to reach out to Alumni



Mr. Rohit Sharma


Ms.Navjot Kaur, H.o.D MBA

Ms. Shivani Jindal,H.o.D Electrical Engineering

Ms. Amandeep Kaur,AP,Applied Science