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Industrial visit is now considered as a part of curriculum activities for the development of the students. Its main aim is to provide students an insight into the internal working of companies in the corporate world. There are various Benefits of Industrial Visits. Students get a chance to learn something outside the college walls.

  1. Eliminates Misconceptions:

    • Students often harbor misconceptions about workplaces based on media portrayals or peer stories.
    • Industrial visits provide an opportunity to witness the actual functioning of an industry, dispelling any preconceived notions.
  2. First-Hand Experience:

    • Industrial visits offer a first-hand experience of the work atmosphere within an industry.
    • Students can observe live events, activities, and processes, gaining insights beyond textbooks.
  3. Reduces the Learning Gap:

    • Traditional classroom learning has limitations in providing comprehensive knowledge.
    • Combining industrial visits with classroom teaching bridges the gap by integrating theoretical concepts with practical exposure.
  4. Encourages Active Learning:

    • Unlike passive classroom lectures, industrial visits involve walking through different departments of an industry.
    • Students become more attentive and vigilant during these tours, actively engaging with the environment.
  5. Improves Technical Know-How:

    • Industrial visits allow students to observe machinery and equipment in action.
    • This practical exposure enhances their technical understanding beyond what textbooks can offer.
  6. Insight Into the Future:

    • Students gain insights into potential career paths and industry practices.
    • Witnessing real-world scenarios helps them make informed decisions about their professional aspirations.
  7. Direct Interaction:

    • Interacting with industry professionals, leaders, and policymakers during visits provides valuable networking opportunities.
    • Students can learn from their wisdom and management skills.