From the Desk of Management

Sh. Radhey Shyam Singla Ji

Bharat Group of Colleges has been established with the aim of providing quality higher education at par with international standards.It persistently seeks and adopts innovative methods to improve the quality of higher education on a consistent basis.

The campus has a cosmopolitan ambience with students from all corners of the country. Highly experienced and devoted teachers are strongly encouraged to bring out and to nurture hidden talent of the students.

The global standards set at BGC in the field of teaching, spur us on in our relentless pursuit of Excellence. In fact it has become a way of life for us.The highly motivated and hard working youngsters on the campus are constant source of pride with steady steps. We are continuing our march forward.

We look forward to meeting you here at BGC.

Sh. Rajesh K. Garg Ji

Bharat Group of Colleges is stupendously marching ahead on the wings of excellence to achieve rare distinction by the dint of hard work and qualities of head & heart of its team members. We are trying to build up our students as people of indomitable spirit full of moral courage, wisdom and human compassion weeded to the cause of promotion of Technical education, with the gleams of knowledge effulging the minds of generations of human species. Potentially, the area of our work is to channelize and be a solicitous to the most dynamic force in the word the minds of the duding power holders of nation i.e.Youth BGC is making a strenuous effort with real in the Institute to stand away ahead of others in this onerous task. We delve in perfection with a sure and certain claim of engineering the life of students by enabling them to take on the challenges with glimpse of enhancement of the utopian magic. It goes without saying that the primary purpose of our Institute is to achieve "Academic Excellence".

I feel that if we can compare well with leading Institutes of our state, we will be sufficiently excellent for our primary objectives, which is to provide excellent technical education to our students. In addition, it will also provide the foundation to achieve the more worthwhile objectives of our existence which to my mind is to benefit the local community more than anything else. One aspect of "Academic Excellence" that is not explicit in our vision statement is the criteria of measurement of excellence – which is quality of faculty & students measured by academic performance and stats faction of all stakeholders. At BGC, everyone's mission is to develop all round personality of the students by making them not only excellent professionals but also good persons with understanding and regard for human values and pride in their heritage & culture, a sense of right and wrong and yearning for perfection. BGC is spectacularly achieving distinction in cultural, sports, technical and research events.

Following our traditions of excellence and our culture of innovation, calibration and creativity to build truly great engineering programs made up of extraordinary people doing astonishing, innovative work, we are trying our level best to prove ourselves the torch-bearer in the field be Engg. & Tech. During this incredible journey we welcome the challenges as we move towards the next milestones and as a Trendseller team of Human Genius, we are keeping the institutional flag flying high & striking.

Mr. Mohit Jain


Mr. Mohit Jain

Our aim is to train the students, armed with the ability to work effectively and efficiently, across professional boundaries, so that they can emerge as leaders and innovators in their chosen professions. With this goal in view, the institute has been updating and modernizing its curricula to make the courses more industry- oriented. Simultaneously innovative teaching methods and aids have also been introduced, to improve the quality of education imparted.

I fervently believe that later on our future alumni will prove useful to the task which may be entrusted to them. With a strong academic background and intense training received at this institute, our students will become well equipped to face future challenges. I am confident that they prove themselves to be a great asset to any organization they join and will prove worthy of having been associated with this Institute as its quality power."

With best Wishes