Mechanical Engineering

Career in ME

Mechanical Engineering is a diverse field in engineering - in fact; it's the broadest of any of the engineering disciplines. Students study topics ranging from numerical methods to fluid dynamics to heat transfer to automatic control systems and beyond. ME graduates find jobs in an equally diverse market; some work closely with Industrial Systems Engineers in manufacturing while others may be in product design for an automaker or even a toy company. Mechanical Engineers find themselves as managers, researchers, applied mathematicians, and, of course, performing pure Mechanical Engineering duties.

Professional Opportunities

Why study Mechanical Engineering? If you like the challenge of a wide range of projects, the prospect of working with a broad spectrum of other professionals, and of course, the fact that you will be reimbursed well for your skills, then Mechanical Engineering is for you. Employers of these graduates included: General Motors, Honda, Procter & Gamble, JP Morgan Chase & Co, and more.

Co-ops and Internships

Mechanical Engineering students are encouraged to incorporate one or more co-ops or internships into their normal course work. We recommend students register with Engineering Career Services (ECS) towards the end of their freshman year so they won’t miss out on great opportunities with top companies recruiting through Ohio State. Employers of co-ops and internships include Abbott, Battelle Memorial Institute, Disney, Marathon, and more.

Exploring Mechanical Engineering

Furthermore, you can enroll as a pre-major in ME and get involved in one of our affiliated student projects to be sure you get exposed to what ME is all about early on. If your interests change at some point and decide that ME really isn't for you, the prerequisites for our program often transfer over to other fields of study, especially the other fields of engineering - giving you the flexibility to change your mind.