Master of Business Administration (MBA)

                                                                                                       Career in MBA

Students pursuing a career after MBA in the Marketing field have a great future ahead. An MBA in Marketing explores all of the marketing aspects of a business. From managing, sales, executive and leadership business development skills, brand marketing, increasing the audience, product management, promotions, customer behavior to market research all of these sectors are covered under this field. This degree will easily make you the most suitable candidate for executive and leadership positions. The course focuses on core topics like accounting, corporate management, advertising, product quality assurance, consumer behavior, human resources, etc.


Suitable jobs opportunities:

You can be eligible for the following listed jobs after MBA in marketing:
• Analytical Marketing
• Business Development
• Senior Research Consultant
• Quality Assurance Head
• Online Marketing
• Social Media Management
• Communications Director
• Logistics Head
• Brand Manager
• Media Planner
• Public Relations Manager
• Market Search Analyst
• Retailing Management
• Customer Relationship Marketing
• Advertising and Promotions Marketing
• Product and Brand Management
 Almost every other high end or up and coming brand is on the lookout for professionals that can help them increase their user engagement and promote their firm. With the onset of modern technology, more and more avenues are coming up in the marketing sector with creative areas and unique job profiles.