Department of Science

Career in B.Sc(Non-Medical)

B.Sc. Non-Medical is a three-year degree program to which theoretical understanding and practical learning are integral. In the three years of this degree, it is highly likely that the students will get a kick-start in their professional life. The cognitive understanding of an individual is challenged and upgraded using effective teaching methods.

Some of the career field after B.Sc (Non-Medical):

Research Scientist: As stated earlier, research is a way of life and that is why it plays a very crucial part in life. To succeed in life, you need to keep your research knowledge strong. A multitude of companies stay in touch with the current scenarios and have perpetual ongoing research. They wish to take on B.Sc. students who would match their zest of research and they do reward the students’ efforts with impressive remuneration. Prestigious institutes such as PGIMER, AIMS, and many others do welcome the graduates very well!

Technical Writer: The instruction manual, journals, articles, and other medical documents are prepared by a lot of professionals. They are called technical writers. They can be hired to write patient records, research findings, etc.

Chemists: The job title may sound not so happening however, Chemists are highly trained and intelligent people who perform a lot of experimental physical and chemical tests and study the reactions. They are more like researchers and scientists combined.

Lab Technician: In the clinical labs, the technicians have a variety of job responsibilities. These include receiving, labeling and analyzing different samples. Lab technicians are often responsible for conducting experiments.

Cytologist: Only a few people know about this job profile. This is extremely important in the modern world. A cytologist is one who studies cells and cellular anomalies. They are the ones who detect cancer or any problem related to cells. It is a field of high remuneration and therefore can be chosen as an option.

Clinical Research Analyst: Research analysts are responsible for research, analyzing, interpreting and presenting data. The research analysts get to work in areas such as hospitals, medical centers, laboratories, clinics, etc. It is also one of the most paying occupations after B.Sc. Non-medical.

Medical Coder: This is another rare term. People don’t know much about this also but it is a decent yet remunerative job! A medical coder has the responsibility to read a patient’s medical history and chart to analyze it and maintain an electronic health record for the benefit of insurance companies.

Teacher/Professor: This profession as old as time yet holds great importance as education is a never-ending field. Teaching is one of the evergreen jobs which always be sought after. Many technical alternatives may come and go, but this is here to stay. Consequently, candidates can take up teaching in schools or universities.

Government Jobs: Apart from the private domain, the government sector also offers a plethora of jobs. However, to avail of these options, one needs to qualify for the pertinent exams. In the government sector, the top job posts for B.Sc. Non-medical students include Food inspectors, Government lab technicians, Clinical research, etc.