Rules & Regulations

  • Students are expected to behave in an orderly manner on all occasions and to obey the instructions that are notified time to time.
  • The discipline committee comprising of faculty members and students see all issues concerning discipline.
  • Students are not supposed to carry firearms or any sort of weapons in the campus.
  • Ragging in any form is banned and any one indulging in the act is liable to be reprimanded appropriately.
  • Punishment may even include expulsion from the Institute and imprisonment for a period of three years and fine up to Rs. 25000/ as per Indian panel code.
  • The students and parents/guardians will have to give an undertake that the student is aware of the law regarding ragging rules and the parent/ guardians agree to abide by the punishment meeted out to his/her ward in case he/she is found guilty.
  • BGC has for its students prescribed a uniform, which develop a sense of identity with the institution and also fraternity amongst the scholars. This also ensures that the students are smartly dressed.